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Anti Pollution Fault
Question: hi, i get a message saying engine anti pollution system defective. what should i do about this? what causes it?
The anti pollution message indicates that a fault in the engine management system has occurred. This fault is likely to affect the cars emissions hence the message - Anti Pollution Fault -. The first thing that needs to be done in this situation is to scan the engine ECU for fault codes (DTC). The fault codes will give an indication of what parts of the system may be causing the problem. This applies for petrol and diesel engines alike.
Importing Vehicles to Australia
Please could you give me some advice, I am planning on returning to Australia and wish to bring my Puegeot 206 with me, as it is less than 3 years old and has a low mileage, my question being would this vehicle be compatible to Australia, engine is unleaded petrol and I live in the United Kingdom,Peugeot UK are as much use as a chocolate fire guard. An early reply would be appreciated.
Importing a vehicle into Australia is possible but it requires you to do your home work. First you need to ensure that the vehicle you are intending to bring into the country will comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR). You will have to lodge an application for importation of a vehicle with the Department of Transport and Regional Services; this must be done before shipping the car.
As there is no short answer on how to import a car into Australia we have provided the 2 links below so you can do your own research.
Get rego for an imported vehicle Roads and Traffic Authority NSW. - New South Wales Government -
DOTARS Department of Transport and Regional Services. - Australian Government -

Mounting of the E-Tag.
The new E-Tag which I mounted to my windscreen is not working. I was told by a friend that some windscreens filter out the high frequency transmission. Is this true and how can I get around it?
Yes this is correct. Many Peugeot vehicles shipped to hot countries are equipped with a heat reflective windscreen. The metal oxide layer in the laminated screen that shields the interior of the car from radiated heat also impedes the propagation of radio waves.
The E-Tag must be mounted in the doted area near the interior rear view mirror.
Bio-diesel, FAME.
Can I use bio-diesel(FAME/RME) fuel on my Peugeot 406 HDi.Is there any risk of damage? I have heard that rubber seals and tubes can melt.
Only Bio-Diesel meeting strict standards may be used for Peugeot HDi engines.
Maximum of 5% FAME meeting EN14214 standard, blended with unadulterated diesel meeting EN590 standard.
The final product B5 must meet the EN590 standard.
The use of fuels which do not meet the standards will void parts of the manufacturer's warranty.
See Peugeot Australia web site.
Bio-diesel may impact on natural rubber and nitrile seals.
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