307 Front Suspension Noise

Created: 07.03.2003

Updated: 21.11.2003

Model: 307 up to DAM 9617

A creaking noise can be heard from the front suspension, particularly at manoeuvering speed and over uneven gradients imposing torsional pressure to the sway bar (anti-roll bar).

Remove both sway bar bearing caps and apply grease to the front pressure points. See pictures below.
Ensure the torsion bar is fitted in the correct position to prevent contact with the suspension frame.
The recommended tightening for the bearing cap is 104 n.m.

IMPORTANT! Do not grease the rubbers.

Suspension cross member

Above: 307 Front suspension cross member showing the sway bar and bearings.

Bearing Shells

Above: The 2 Bearing caps which have to be removed. On the left part the marking at the pressure point can be clearly seen. Apply grease as indicated on the picture and refit the caps.
Production Solution:
From DAM 9618 a bearing cap with plyurethane coating in the critical area is used.
Part number for the modified component: 509749

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