Technical News Flashes


— RD4 Radio Button —
The on/off button for the RD4 radio fitted to the Peugeot 407 is now available as a replacement part.
It is no longer necessary to replace the entire unit.
Part number: 6564P3


— Read News Articles Regarding 206 Brake Recall GB — Peugeot has recalled up to 280,000 cars - all made in Coventry - because of a possible fault in the braking system click here

ANANOVA: Peugeot has announced the recall of up to 280,000 cars because of a possible fault in the braking system. click here


— 307 Wiper Blades —
Replacement rubber wiper incerts are now available. PEUGEOT part no. P9160277


— Anti Pollution Fault —
Do you own a 307 with a 2 litre engine and still get the dreaded "Anti Pollution fault" comming up on the display?
There is new hope. A software update (0402) is available for the EW10J4 engine with Magneti Mareli MM4 MP2 Fuel injection system. (motorised throttle)
Contact your Peugeot Dealer to discuss the problem.


— Pyrotechnics' Lifespan Increased —
Peugeot France has conducted extensive testing on aged airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners. As a result of these tests it was decided that the service life of these devises can be extended by 5 Years without compromising safety. At the time of the introduction of air bags and seat belt pre-tensioners in 1994 it was recommended for all pyrotechnic safety equipment to be replaced after a service life of 10 Years. Peugeot will now guarantee serviceability for 15 years. This new recommendation by the manufacturer applies to all Peugeot models.


— Change In BSI Configuration —
It has come to our attention that the Show room mode configuration method in BSI has changed.
It is now necessary to configure this item to "inactive." Unless this configuration is carried out, the BSI will be prevented from activating the eccomony mode, which can lead to excessive drainage on the battery.
For more information see the sample configurations in the "Diagnostics" section.

This configuration setting should always be checked at pre-delivery, after a BSI update or when a vehicle is in the shop with electrical problems. This news flash concerns all multiplexed 206 and 307 models.

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