김해출장마사지 Aromatherapy

김해출장마사지 Aromatherapy And Children


김해출장마사지 Aromatherapy is a new approach to emotional well recovering as well as through making use of crucial oils. Oils in aromatherapy have a calming effect on the spirit, body, and mind.

Loving nurturing touch of 김해출장마사지 massage on the feet, arms, hands, back, abdomen, and also legs is therapeutic for both the child as well as mom and dad, normally the mother. Great-smelling important oils made use of during the training of your child sustain your little one’s wellness, happiness, and also well-being.

Crucial oils have distinct structures determining the fragrance, color, as well as impact on our body. Before you introduce your kid to the aromatic world of fragrances, consult your general practitioner or certified fragrance specialist. When possible, perform an in-depth study yourself on the oil you intend to make use of on your baby or kid.

Listed here are a few generally made-use essential oils that are utilized for youngsters.
Lavender oil is a superb home remedy for frustrations, earaches, and also even insect attacks. Geranium and also climbed oils function as good skin conditioners, toners, and natural astringents. Chamomile and also peppermint oils avoid hair loss. Lavender, lemon, and curry fallen leaf oils offer relief from dandruff. For any burns and also bruises, use tea tree and lavender oils. Black pepper oil benefits irregularity. Cedar tea, wood, and also eucalyptus tree oils alleviate coughs. Ginger, lavender, and also thyme oil function wonders on sore throats. Lavender, as well as Roman chamomile oil mix, allows for restful sleep in the evening. Lemon and grapefruit oils are added to a bathtub of warm water for a bathroom to rejuvenate the youngster. 마산출장마사지
A word of caution for any kind of moms and dads intending on making use of 김해출장마사지 aromatherapy oils on their kids. Please exercise caution while making use of crucial oils. It’s ideal to stay with mild oils and much less is best. Because essential oils are extremely concentrated, see to it that they are properly diluted with water or carrier oils. Inappropriate dilution can cause skin irritability for your kids. Don’t allow your children to be alone while making use of necessary oils.

making use of 김해출장마사지 aromatherapy

Aromatic necessary oils used during the training of your child support your little one’s health and wellness, joy as well as well-being.

This is a word of care for any type of parents planning on using 김해출장마사지 aromatherapy oils on their children. Please exercise caution while using essential oils. Because important oils are extremely focused, make certain that they are effectively thinned down with water or provider oils. Don’t allow your kids to be alone while utilizing vital oils.


마산출장마사지 Massage Therapy Treatment

마산출장마사지 Massage Therapy Treatment

When organizing your next 마산출장마사지 massage therapy treatment at Radiance MD Skin Care, or if you have never had a 마산출장마사지 massage therapy treatment in the past, you could be questioning exactly how the technique of massage therapy started. Remarkably enough, one of the oldest healing arts we still practice today is the art of massage. There are Chinese records of massage treatment being used as far back as 3,000 years. Documented use of massage additionally returns to the ancient Hindus, Persians, and also Egyptians that used forms of massage for several disorders. Hippocrates created papers suggesting using rubbing and also rubbing for joint and circulatory issues. Today, we now recognize that the benefits of massage treatment are both different as well as significant. Massage therapy plays a part in many physical recovery programs, and massage therapy has also proven itself to be useful for a variety of chronic problems including reduced neck and back pain, bursitis, exhaustion, arthritis, high blood pressure, resistance suppression, infertility, diabetic issues, a help to assisting smokers quit smoking cigarettes, and also as an anti-depressant, and more. And, as many millions will certainly verify, massage helps alleviate our stress and also stress constructed throughout a common work day which can bring about disease and illness.

The Background of 마산출장마사지 Massage Therapy

What Is Massage Treatment?
Your 마산출장마사지 massage treatment session from Radiance MD will certainly include the application of numerous techniques to the human muscular structure and soft cells of the body.
More specifically, massage therapy is the application of soft-tissue manipulation strategies to the body. These techniques are typically intended to decrease anxiety and also tiredness while improving circulation. Numerous various methods make up the many variants of massage.
– Bodywork by definition is the application of numerous forms of touch treatments that may make use of adjustment, motion, and/or re-patterning to influence structural modifications to the body.
– Somatic merely implies “of the body.” Numerous times the term somatic is used to indicate a body/mind or whole-body method as differentiated from an environmental or physiology-only point of view.

There are many more styles of bodywork as well as somatic treatments than those listed above, and many specialists might make use of several strategies within one, one-hour, consultation. Massage therapy specialists will typically utilize oils, creams, as well as often powders that will certainly aid to reduce friction on the skin.

Will my Insurance Cover Massage Therapy?
The services of a massage therapy therapist may be covered by health insurance if suggested by a chiropractic practitioner or osteopath. Nearly all types of therapies given as part of a recommended therapy by your doctor or your registered physiotherapist are frequently covered.

When organizing your next 마산출장마사지 massage therapy treatment at Radiance MD Skin Treatment, or if you’ve never had a 마산출장마사지 massage therapy treatment before, you could be wondering about just how the method of massage treatment began. There are Chinese documents of massage treatment is made used as back as 3,000 years. Documented use of massage also goes back to the old Hindus, Persians, and also Egyptians who used types of massage therapy for several ailments. Massage treatment plays a part in numerous physical rehab programs, as well as massage therapy has also verified itself to be advantageous for several persistent conditions including lower back discomfort, bursitis, tiredness, arthritis, high blood stress, immunity suppression, inability to conceive, diabetic issues, an aid to aiding smokers quit smoking cigarettes, and also as an anti-depressant, and much more.


Anti Aging 창원출장마사지

Anti Aging 창원출장마사지 & Skin Care– Tips And Also Good Sense.


As we jump on in years, that isn’t attempting to remain young, to hold the aging line by 창원출장마사지? And where do we see our age as well as fret our age more, than in our skin? I’d like to share with you some general anti-aging skin care 창원출장마사지 therapy that will keep your skin young and healthy and also recommend some all-natural anti-aging skin products that make a big difference.

The wellness of our skin mirrors many aspects. Some we can’t manage, yet others we can as well as should. Genetics as well as the environment, for instance, could be working against you. You’re not going to leave the city simply to get tidy, dewy skin. And if a particular swarthiness remains in your genetics, there’s very little you can do about it. Allow’s look at the anti-aging skin treatment that you Container do– and there’s a lot– to bring your skin to an entirely brand-new level.

Your skin’s thirst for this inner hydration can’t be pleased by simply 창원출장마사지 massaging in lotions or creams on the outside. You require to follow this “initial commandment of skin care” if you desire to get the extreme benefits that anti-aging creams as well as various other items additionally provide.

Natural Lotions– Lots of anti-aging lotions– also the most costly ones– have a base of mineral oil, as well as are filled with man-made chemicals and also tinting. I obtain lots of compliments on my soft skin, and always the very same inquiry: what do you utilize on it? I obtain details anti-aging solutions.

Real Aloe Vera– Great deals of products flaunt that they include aloe vera– so why do we assume we can enhance upon nature? And also they report that it’s the finest anti-aging product they’ve ever before made use of– and one that you simply can’t obtain from a store-bought jar or tube.

Aloe vera is potent. It’s filled with dampness, protein, minerals, and vitamins– antiaging nutrients that give your skin deep, detailed hydration. Cleopatra is known to have made use of aloe vera on her skin, as well as if you ignore her little serpent bite, you have to confess: she was quite a success story!

Olive Oil– When my skin is extremely completely dry I additionally use olive oil and use olive oil soap over my whole body. Such were the superb outcomes I received from olive oil, that I developed my very own anti-aging individual care cosmetic– a soap that is 90% olive oil, as well as smooth beyond belief. (Aloe vera, oddly enough, can often produce a surface drying effect, which olive oil rapidly smoothes out.) Besides anti-aging effects, aloe vera adds proteins, minerals, and water to your skin.

Application of Creams– I constantly inform buddies not to rub in their oils as well as creams in a bored hum-drum method.– When we’re working to make ourselves younger and also prettier, please women – allow’s make it an anti-aging workout – not act as if we’re ironing socks!

All-natural Progesterone Lotion– We state this last, however definitely not the very least, for it is the “Queen” of anti-aging items. Supplying a protective quality against bust cancer, it splendidly tones your skin as well as hampers the aging process.

창원출장마사지 therapy that will certainly keep your skin young

I’d such as to share with you some general anti-aging skin care 창원출장마사지 therapy that will certainly keep your skin young and also healthy, and recommend some all-natural anti-aging skin products that make a large distinction.

Let’s look at the anti-aging skin care that you Container do– as well as there’s a whole lot– to bring your skin to an entirely new degree.

You need to follow this “very first commandment of skin care” if you want to get the very benefits that anti-aging lotions as well as other items also use.

Anti-aging impacts, aloe vera adds healthy proteins, minerals as well as water to your skin.

Giving a protective high quality versus bust cancer cells, it splendidly tones your skin as well as slows down the aging procedure.


Thinking of 리얼돌 Dolls

Thinking of 리얼돌 Dolls


Creativity plays a large component in growing up. Toys play an essential component in this process.

I expect 리얼돌 dolls have been around because before written background. Generally, a toy that ladies have used for centuries, dolls have played a vital part in the growing-up procedure. From finding out how to take care of an infant to coming to be a jet-setting exec, dolls have assisted girls’ dreams regarding the future.

Simply like the children that play with them, 리얼돌 dolls come in all forms, ages, shades, and also sizes. They can be as basic as paper cut-out dolls and also as complex, and expensive, as in-depth porcelain dolls.

As different as the sorts of 리얼돌 dolls, so are the products that make them. Early dolls were made of timber as well as, later on, paper mache. The finest dolls had china heads as well as often hands with wooden-jointed bodies. In the early days of the USA, many dolls were made at home. Stitch a few old dustcloths together, as well as you have a brand-new playmate.

Naturally, nowadays dolls are not just for youngsters. Doll collecting has come to be a preferred pastime amongst adults in addition to kids. There are lots of categories of collections. Some concentrate on the common Barbie, especially early as well as currently unusual editions. Others pick antique dolls, or dolls particular to an amount of time. Still, other collectors focus on a single supplier, country, or style of doll. There are lots of special or collection agency editions of dolls created today if you do not want to dig as well as research.

No discussion of 리얼돌 dolls

No discussion of 리얼돌 dolls would certainly be complete without a check out of the expanding pastime of dollhouses and also miniatures. This has become a pastime unto itself. One more time, the kinds and materials are as different as the dolls they shelter. A dollhouse can be made by a child from a simple cardboard box. Dollhouses can also range to specific range reproductions of residences with precise range of home furnishings, as well as even complete lights. Those with minimal space might be picked to do a “shadow box” that meticulously details one space of a home. It would certainly not shock me if someplace some stickler for detail builds a dollhouse with full working plumbing!

Whether Barbie is jet establishing all over the globe, or GI Joe is conserving the world, if you simply desire to “play” or build a precise scale model of the White House, 리얼돌 dolls and their accessories can take you wherever your creativity can go. They can make a rainy day pass faster, or enable an over-stressed adult a creative outlet. Anyway you consider it, dolls are cool.

Generally a plaything that women have used for centuries, 리얼돌 dolls have played an essential component in the growing-up process. Simply like the kids who play with them, dolls come in all shapes, ages, dimensions as well as colors. They can be as easy as paper cut-out dolls and also as facility, and also costly, as comprehensive porcelain dolls. Others pick antique dolls, or dolls particular to a duration of time. Whether Barbie is jet establishing all over the world, or GI Joe is conserving the world, if you simply want to “play” or construct a specific range design of the White Home, dolls and their accessories can take you wherever your creativity can go.


소울카지노 Casino Site Games

소울카지노 Casino Site Games: Online Poker Intellectual Part. Component Three.


To the placement benefit in 소울카지노 online poker, we can refer the variables of your setting with relationship to your challengers, the availability of varied membership and the number of challengers continuing the tournament, your hostility, the size of challengers’ stacks, and so on. Of all of the arts of Texas hold ’em, the most crucial is the development and awareness of setting benefits.

The final thought is that an intellectual analytic effort exists both in chess and also in Texas hold’em yet they are not alike as the placement benefit differs in high quality.

The third type of intellectual effort is getting in touch with the analysis of the part of a video game situation that is not connected with the video game process itself. This kind includes thinking about the emotional peculiarities of the battle.

Purely speaking, this mental element is not as extensively used in chess, mainly as a result of the video game details which are totally available to both challengers.

In poker, the mental aspect is extremely crucial. The limited kind of information in poker makes the gamers just deduce it and also it can be done only by observing your challenger.

Firstly, it is watching for the “signs” of an opponent and the “signs” that you send him. One uses the constant analysis of the psychological state of the challenger. One may cause emotional stress upon the opponent to impose one’s will certainly on him.

To summarize the aforesaid we can state that both video games are intellectual fights however their accounts differ. From the 3 parts of an intellectual effort – logical, emotional, and also logical, the most essential ones in chess are the initial 2 while in 소울카지노 casino poker the last 2. The logical part dominates in both games, which is rather reasonable because these 2 games are intellectual.

Chess in this sense appears as the game of spirit. Chess is the approach, the video game of aristocrats of a heart.

소울카지노 casino poker

In 소울카지노 casino poker, the duty of psychology is more crucial specifically in contrast with logic. The moral state of the opponent, their sensations, and feelings do not just affect the training course of video games but alter the means to victory. In this feeling casino poker is a game of plebeians, the fight for human interests.

Both, thinkers as well as plebeians, are all human. In our life in turns, we come to be these and those. Both video games are stunning, both deserve your interest under the problem that your intelligence needs a check in a battle with equal ones, in other words, under the condition that you are a person.

In America, energetic online poker is not older than 100 years. In this respect, if we make an analogy between chess and online poker we require to compare contemporary poker with 19th-century chess. Superior chess abilities, which have gotten global recognition in our times, had to spend occasionally all their energy to locate fans that would concur to pay for such an expensive and not viewpoint occasion as the globe chess match for the champ title!

The situation has altered greatly today. There are Texas hold’em clubs, texas hold’em neighborhoods, and also online poker life takes place. 뉴헤븐카지노

To the setting advantage in poker, we can refer the elements of your position with connection to your opponents, the availability of different subscriptions and also the number of opponents proceeding the event, your hostility, the dimension of challengers’ stacks, and so on. The limited kind of info in Texas hold’em makes the gamers only reason it and also it can be done just by observing your challenger. From the 3 components of an intellectual initiative – logical, logical as well as psychological, the most vital ones in chess are the very first two while in 소울카지노 casino poker the last two. In this feeling 소울카지노 casino poker is a video game of plebeians, the fight for human passions.

In this respect, if we make examples between chess and also online poker we require to contrast contemporary 소울카지노 casino poker with 19th-century chess.


Reason people play in on-line 뉴헤븐카지노 casino?

Why do people play in online casino 뉴헤븐카지노 sites?


From internet shopping to online education and learning currently comes web gaming. 2008 quotes show that on-line 뉴헤븐카지노 casino players complete to around 25 million around the world with overall quantity invested with on-line gambling enterprises reaching as high as $50 billion.

Do you understand anybody that does not recognize what Las Vegas is everything about? Well, like every little thing on the planet, it now has its virtual counterpart– on-line casino 뉴헤븐카지노 sites. Playing in on the internet gambling enterprises is a new phenomenon, but one that has excellent assurance. But prior to you off searching for the best online game sites, let’s take a look at the essentials of on the internet casino video gaming.

As you may recognize already, land-based gambling establishments you discover in Vegas differ significantly from on-line 뉴헤븐카지노 casino sites. The first distinction as well as most evident is that in on the internet casino sites, there are no suppliers as well as all online casino video games are operated by computer programs.

There are several online 뉴헤븐카지노 casino site video games readily available in every space that includes on-line slots, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and video clip online poker to name a few. Most of these prominent 뉴헤븐카지노 casino site video games have the very same policies as their real-life equivalent. In many of these on-line gambling establishments enable “immediate play” versions of their video games to make sure that players no longer have to download and install software and they can play quickly from their web browser. For newbies to online casino pc gaming, they can bet totally free with a couple of thousand dollars pre-deposited to their account. Naturally when they utilize this option, video games do not pay out actual money however newbies use this option often times to check the gaming system of the site.

Maybe the biggest question online gambling establishments have to face is: why do internet gamblers favor on-line gambling establishments over their land-based counter components? A study was currently carried out to answer this inquiry. The study carried out by Robert Wood, et.al, figured out that the occurrence price of internet gambling is higher amongst skilled experts, amongst young adults, those whose earnings are above the average and also those whose work require making use of the web. With that said fact alone, we understand that a lot of those who play on the internet gambling enterprise video games are those that have consistent accessibility to the web. It was additionally found out that there are much more laid-back players on the web as more gamers think about on the internet casino games as a remedy to boredom, and as a quick means to get excitement in an otherwise regular work.

Before you off searching for the ideal online video game websites, let’s look at the essentials of on-line casino site pc gaming.

on the internet 뉴헤븐카지노 casino video games

The very first distinction and most obvious is that in online gambling establishments, there are no dealerships and all on the internet 카지노 casino video games are run by computer system programs. There are numerous on-line gambling establishment video games available in every room which includes on the internet slots, blackjack, video, roulette and also baccarat texas hold’em to name a few. Perhaps the most significant question online casino sites have to face is: why do internet bettors like online casinos over their land-based counter parts?


Free 홈카지노 Casino Poker Money

Free 홈카지노 Casino Poker Money Offers Are For Real


홈카지노 Online casino poker is in vogue these days and also you can get going without the danger of shedding money! Before your ever-before start you can capitalize on free Texas hold’em money offers that are available as well as are ending up being a lot more usual regularly. The brick-and-mortar 홈카지노 casino poker spaces that you might have played in previously offer numerous cost-free products such as beverages, dinner, and also resort rooms, however, this isn’t feasible when you are playing online. Rather, the card areas desire you to come and inspect out what they need to use by giving you complimentary Texas hold’em cash! These deals are worth and real taking advantage of.

No-Deposit 홈카지노 Texas Hold’em Rewards Give You a Winning Edge

There are many chances for you to play online poker online as well as each Texas hold’em room tries to win your favor by making their 홈카지노 casino poker tables the most appealing area to play. The means this functions is that you obtain money, actual money, just for coming to play with the online poker room.

Some Texas hold’em rooms will need that you sign up for a charge card to obtain their no-deposit casino poker perks, however, this is merely the way that they validate that you are who you claim you are. The card is not charged or refined or anything of that nature as well as is just there for safety functions. Entering your credit card info deserves some cost-free cash for most 홈카지노 casino poker gamers!

Other online Texas hold’em areas will certainly use free Texas hold’em cash not just when you develop an account, but when you make a down payment. The way that these works is that if you deposit $100 in your account the 홈카지노 online casino may match this deposit amount as much as 100%. These are not no-deposit Texas hold’em benefits, but they are frequently used along with other bonus offers and also at the end of the day you can wind up with a lot of totally free money to play with when you place every one of these offers together.

Of course, when you get any type of totally free poker cash there will be rules versus just cashing out as well as taking the money home with you. No deposit poker rewards have made this possible for a lot of individuals to win a whole lot of money and they could do the same point for you! Obtain in on the fun as well as exhilaration that no deposit online poker incentives offer!

There are many possibilities for you to play 홈카지노 casino poker online and also each poker space attempts to win your support by making their casino poker tables the most appealing location to play. Some casino poker rooms will certainly need that you sign up for a debt card to obtain their no-deposit casino poker incentives, yet this is simply the means that they confirm that you are who you say you are. Various other online poker areas will offer free 빅토리카지노 casino poker money not only when you create an account, but however when you make a down payment. Of program, when you receive any kind of totally free online poker money there will certainly be guidelines against simply cashing out as well as taking the cash house with you.


Online casino 빅토리카지노 Is The Temple Of Gamings

빅토리카지노 The Temple Of Gamings.


” A person plays just when he is human in the full sense of the word, and he can be entirely human just when he is playing”. Friedrich Schiller

The background of 빅토리카지노 informs us that in 49 B.C. the well-known ancient Roman leader Julius Caesar, having won brilliant success over barbarian galls, wished to seize supreme power in the Eternal City. Then the anxious legislators prohibited him and his soldiers to return to Italy.

Without hesitations, the leader announced his decision relating to the senate ban by saying “Alea jacta est” (“The pass away has been cast”) and crossed the boundary river Rubicon. This brought about lingering civil wars in Rome, which became one of the most significant events in ancient history.

The words of the relentless tyrant became proverbial, nonetheless, today there is barely an individual that thinks of its genuine significance. As it ended up, the Great Caesar cast the dice. Terrific was his passion for gambling, that he deeply believed in the magic ability of the dice to forecast the future.

The general public point of view barely favors wagers and also everything connected with it. Alternatively, in those times the word “gamer” was virtually a swearword – so substantial was the ridicule of most people to those who provided the video game its due.

At the same time old individuals recognized perfectly well that the thirst for gaming could not be eliminated. The Greeks with their particular rich creativity designed a myth about the goddess of the fate Tyche (the Romans called her “Fortune”), who gave birth to Zeus’ little girl, and this girl was gifted with the gift of inventing various dangerous amusements, which created individuals to lose a lot of money, cheat, scuffle as well as fully committed suicides.

Tyche loved her daughter and also hence winked at her terrible tricks. She also offered her a huge beautiful home, to which her little girl attracted the most credulous gamers to make them miserable.
More than two thousand years passed given that those times, and today barely anybody relies on fortune-telling by throwing lots and also misconceptions regarding the siren Tyche, but there is one thing that has not transformed. It is the human demand for video games. This unquenchable wish stated the truth that over time, unique facilities were developed for gambling – as if the old Greek tale came true.

In these establishment’s 룸카지노 site, visitors played with each other in these as well as paid a part of their earnings to the owner – or had fun with the owner after that, if they shed, they were to pay the entire quantity of the wager to the casino owner. About the 16th century, such establishments became called the Italian word “casino”, which has not transformed its meaning previously.

establishment’s 빅토리카지노 site

Gambling houses irrepressibly attracted people with different personalities, different talents as well as differing monetary possibilities. The listing of well-known 빅토리카지노 online casino frequenters, assembled by the biggest gambling establishments in Europe, consists of such stars as Chancellor Bismarck, composers Berlioz as well as Brahms, the writer Dostoyevsky, the poet Mayakovsky and also the auto king Citroen.

Reverberating popularity, nevertheless, did not stop these people from the dangerous tricks of lots of money. Undoubtedly, some celebs were typically fortunate and they won a whole lot. For example, Citroen was such a lucky player. He liked to play for high risks, to thrill various other rich men. Reporters never grew tired of creating that the automobile king is as lucky the eco-friendly cloth, as in company.

Others primarily shed. Mayakovskiy was such an unfortunate other. He liked billiards, cards, and especially live roulette. Throughout his trips abroad the poet run into extraordinary financial debts because he was fortunate just at the billiard table, but never in the roulette.

Gambling houses are understood not just by their frequenters, but additionally by different legends that border these establishments. One of the most long-lasting is the tale of how a certain Frenchman monsieur Blanchard won twice in “Gambling Enterprise Monte-Carlo”. When he meant to enter this online casino for the first time, his hat was ruined by the dove. Blanchard interpreted this as a great indicator and also was. The player managed to win numerous thousands. He planned to go to the 빅토리카지노 casino site as soon as again, yet on a problem that a bird would certainly spoil his hat one more time.

The Frenchman was lucky that time and he won even more than previously. All inveterate gamers believe that if the bird notes you before the check out to the gambling house is a true sign of good luck.
It is virtually impossible to get rid of all feasible problems completely since even trifle losses rather spoil the state of mind. But they additionally make the triumph a lot more wonderful and permit you to feel the sharp attraction of triumph over chance. Therefore, it is barely proper to stress in advance, you should just be constantly going to the all-set as well as treat the game lightly, although with deep respect as if it were a friend of your own.

Even more than 2 thousand years passed considering that those times, and today barely any individual believes in fortune-telling by tossing lots as well as myths regarding the siren Tyche, but there is one thing that has not changed. The most enduring is the tale of exactly how a specific Frenchman monsieur Blanchard won twice in “빅토리카지노 Casino site Monte-Carlo”. When he meant to enter this casino site for the initial time, his hat was spoilt by the dove. He intended to go to the casino once again, but on condition that a bird would spoil his hat for one even more time.

The Frenchman was fortunate that time and he won even more than before.

The Peugeot 407

The Peugeot 407

The Peugeot 407 was launched on the Australian market in September 2004.
This page contains some of the most basic specifications of the Peugeot 407 sold in Australia.

Crash Test

Peugeot 407 crash test. Courtesy of EuroNCAP5 Star Crash Test rating for the Peugeot 407.
The results of the crash tests by The European New Car Assessment Programme are proof that safety was high on the agenda when the new Peugeot 407 was on the drawing board.

Excerpt from the Euro NCAP test report.
– The 407 has a very strong and stable passenger safety cage. It scored close to the maximum number of available points in the frontal impact. The restraint systems and airbags, including a knee airbag for the driver, protected occupants and kept the driver’s chest and head away from the steering wheel. Side impact protection includes side airbags and a curtain airbag. Child protection was good but pedestrian protection proved to be average, with no protection given where an adult’s head would most likely strike. –
To learn more interesting facts about vehicle safety visit the Euro NCAP web site here. EuroNCAP

Standard equipment and specifications.

407SVSV TouringSTST HDIST TouringST Touring HDI
Engine3.0L V6  3.0L V62.2L2.0L HDI2.2L2.0L HDI
..Power kw/rpm155/6000155/6000116/5650100/4000116/5650100/4000
..Torque nm/rpm290/3750290/3750217/3900320/2000217/3900320/2000
..Acceleration 0-100km/h8.7 sec8.7 secManual: 9 sec
Auto: 10.7 sec
Manual: 9.8 sec
Auto: 10.7 sec
11.1 sec11.2 sec
Transmission6 speed auto.6 speed auto.4 speed auto.
6 speed manual
4 speed auto
6 speed manual
4 speed auto.4 speed auto.
..TypeAM6AM6ZF 4HP 20
ZF 4HP 20
ZF 4HP 20ZF 4HP20
Wheels17″ Alloy17″ Alloy17″ Alloy17″ Alloy17″ Alloy17″ Alloy
..Tyres215/55 R 17 W215/55 R 17 W215/55 R 17 W215/55 R 17 W215/55 R 17 W215/55 R 17 W
..Spare WheelFull size (steel)Full size (steel)Full size (steel)Full size (steel)Full size (steel)Full size (steel)
Fuel Tank66 litres66 litres66 litres66 litres66 litres66 litres
All Models
Brakes     I  Ventilated front discs Solid rear discsABS and Electronic Brake Force Distribution. (EBFD)Emergency Brake Assist
Suspension     I  Front – Double WhishboneRear – Multi link Rear SuspensionESP (electronic stability programme) with ASR CBC and dynamic stability control.
SecurityRolling code transponderImmobiliserSecurity coded radio.Electrically powered rear child safety locks.Locking fuel filler capLockable glove boxDeadlocking
SafetyDriver SMART airbagFront passenger SAMART airbag.Front and rear side airbags.Front and rear curtain airbags.Pretensioning and force limiting front seat belts.Three point inertia reel seat belts on all seats.Active front head restraints.Rear head restraints.Tyre pressure sensors.
Comfort and
Reversing sensors.Side retractable sunscreensRear sunscreen (sedan only)Height and reach adjustable steering wheel.Cruise control.Remote central locking.Electrically operated and heated mirrors.Electric folding mirrors.Trip computer.Electric windows.
EntertainmentClarion RD4 radio with single CD player, six speakers. (SV 8 speakers)Remote control at steering column.Dual tuner dual antenna diversity radio system.
Heating and
Digital air conditioning with climate-control.Seperate temperature controls for driver and passenger.Air vents to rear.Combined active carbon pollen filter.
Lighting and
Automatic headlamps with time delay.Security illumination.Front fog lightsLights ON warning.Rear fog lights and reversing lights.Rain sensing front wipers.Timed heated rear window.Electrochrom rear view mirrorRemote headlight height adjustment
Interior featuresEnclosed storage compartment to the right of the steering wheel.Front and rear door storage bins.Front centre armrest with storage compartment and retractable cupholder.Rear centre armrest with storage compartment and 2 cup holder recesses.
Additional FeaturesXenon headlamps with automatic height adjustment.Headlamp washersLeather interior with electric and heated seats.JBL HI Fi system.8 speakersSubwoofer in boot6-disc CD-changer in boot.Variable electronic suspension with independent control (AMVAR)
Extra featuresParnoramic glass roof.Split folding rear tailgate.
All Models
Optional featuresMetalic PaintSunroof (except touring)
Seats and interior trims.
ExecutiveLeather interior with electric and heated seats. Standard for SV and option for ST models.
SportLeather sides and fabric suede in the centre. Option for SV.
ComfortVelour trim. Standard for all ST models.
WeightsSVSV TouringSTST HDIST TouringST Touring HDI
..Kerb weightAuto. 1660kgAuto. 1715kgMan. 1555kg
Auto. 1591kg
Man. 1580kg
Auto.1646kgAuto. 1671kg
..Gross WeightAuto. 2140kgAuto. 2260kgMan. 2040kg
Auto. 2075kg
Man. 2080kg
Auto. 2110kg
Auto. 2195kgAuto. 2210kg
..Width (excluding mirrors)1811mm1811mm
..Front track1560mm1560mm
..Rear track1526mm1526mm
..Boot volume407litres430litres
..Height of boot under parcel shelf500mm500mm
..Minimum load floor width1100mm1100mm

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